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Conference chair:   Fanny Seroglou


Conference chair is Fanny Seroglou, who has participated in many biennial and regional IHPST conferences since 1996, has been conference chair for a Biennial IHPST Conference in 2011 and two Greek HPST conferences in 2000 and 2011, as well as a member of the IHPST Council (as Director in 2007-2009, as Program Chair 2009-2011, as Past-Program Chair 2011-2013).
Fanny Seroglou is an associate professor in science education at the School of Primary Education at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and is the head of the ATLAS Research Group (ATLAS is an acronym for A Teaching and Learning Approach for Science), as well as a member of the Digital Analysis and Educational Design (DiDes) Research Lab. She has a degree in physics, a Ph D in science education concerning the contribution of history of science to instructional material design and a post doc on teacher training in science literacy. Fanny Seroglou has designed and has been teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level courses such as "Science for Citizenship", "Science and Culture in Education", "Science Education" and “Nature of Science and NOS Teaching through Digital Narratives and Educational Wikis”.
In her research Fanny Seroglou focuses on:
a) The contribution of history and philosophy of science in science education (for her research she was awarded the Volta Medal from the IHPST group in 1999).
b) Scientific literacy (for her postdoctoral research she got scholarship from the Greek Scholarships Foundation in 2002).
c) Science for citizenship (also published a book titled "Science for Citizenship" in Greek in 2006).
d) Website, web-based learning environment and instructional e-material design (the most recent ones are:,
e) Science and culture in education (designed and developed a teacher training course and an educational wiki supporting the course, held as Conference Chair the "Science and Culture" IHPST2011 conference and edited the "Science and Culture" Book of Proceedings in 2011).
f) Digital narratives for teaching about the nature of science (designed and developed a web channel hosting students’ and teachers digital narratives on YouTube: atlas movies channel).
g) Science education research models (design and evaluation of research models such as the SHINE research model for the interaction between history of science and science education, the three-dimensional cognitive, meta-cognitive and emotional research model for recording the proposal for the use of history of science in science education, the GNOSIS research model for an nature-of-science approach to scientific literacy, the 3D-5I model for the combination of skills, attitudes and intelligences in science teaching and the ATLAS_WBLE model for the meeting of scientific literacy and digital literacy, the LEARN model for learning through art using digital narratives, the STARS model for analyzing sound and image inputs of digital narratives developed by non-experts in order to visualize abstract science concepts).
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